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Monday, October 20, 2008

Establish an Infrared Link

Establish an infrared link

To establish an infrared link

  1. Verify that the devices that you want to communicate over an infrared link have infrared functionality enabled and work correctly.

    For information about verifying infrared functionality on your computer, see Related Topics. For information about verifying infrared functionality on other devices, see the device manufacturer's documentation.

  2. Align your devices so that the infrared transceivers are within one meter of each other, and the transceivers are pointing at each other.

    When the devices are correctly aligned, the Infrared taskbar status icon appears on the taskbar.


  • The infrared transceiver is the small, dark red window on your portable computer, printer, digital camera, adapter, or other device.
  • You can choose whether to hide or display the Wireless Link taskbar icon when two infrared devices are aligned. By default, the Wireless Link taskbar icon is displayed. For more information, see Related Topics.

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