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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Remote Desktop Web Connection

Install Remote Desktop Web ConnectionTo install Remote Desktop Web Connection
  1. Open Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.
  2. Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
  3. Select Internet Information Services, and then click Details.
  4. In the Subcomponents of Internet Information Services list, select World Wide Web Service, and then click Details.
  5. In the Subcomponents for World Wide Web Service list, click the Remote Desktop Web Connection check box, and then click OK.
  6. In the Windows Components Wizard, click Next.
  7. Open Internet Services Manager.
  8. Expand the folder hierarchy until you reach the local computer name\Web Sites\Default Web Site\tsweb folder.
  9. Right-click the tsweb folder and then click Properties.
  10. Click the Directory Security tab on the Properties dialog box.
  11. In Anonymous access and authentication control, click Edit....
  12. Check the Anonymous access check box on the Authentication Methods dialog box, and then click OK twice.


  • To open Internet Services Manager, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Services Manager.
  • Internet Information Services is installed on Windows XP Professional by default.
  • You must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group to complete this procedure. If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings may also prevent you from completing this procedure.
  • To open a Control Panel item, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click the appropriate icon.

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