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Friday, January 9, 2009

Address Book / Contact Missing - Part I

Is the Address Book set to display folders and groups?

If you do not see your contacts in the Address Book, they might be organized into folders or groups.

To view folders and groups

  1. On the toolbar, click Addresses.
  2. In the Address Book, on the View menu, click Folders and Groups, if it does not have a check mark next to it.
  3. Click folders and groups in the list on the left to see their contents on the right.

Is the name of the Outlook Express folder shortened?

The Outlook Express program files should be in a folder named Outlook Express. If the folder has a different name, such as Outloo~1, you might be unable to start Outlook Express or to open the Address Book in Outlook Express. You might also receive the following message:

"MSIMN caused an Invalid page fault in module WAB32.dll"

To make sure the folder has the correct name

  1. Click Start, click Search, and then click Other files or folders.
  2. Under Look in, click the disk on which Windows is installed.
  3. In the Name of file or folder box, type:
  4. Click More advanced options.
  5. Select the Search system folders check box.
  6. Select the Search hidden files and folders check box.
  7. Click Search.
  8. In the results list, find the folder that is located in your Program Files folder.

    If this folder is named Outlook Express, click No at the bottom of this page, and then click Next.

    If this folder has a different name, such as Outloo~1, follow the remaining steps.
  9. Right-click the folder that is located in your Program Files folder, click Rename, and then type:
    Outlook Express
  10. Press ENTER.
  11. Restart Outlook Express.

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