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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is a digital ID and how do I get one?

Using a digital ID, you can digitally sign your e‑mail to prove your identity. You can also use a digital ID to encrypt messages, keeping them private.

What is a digital ID?

Digital IDs, also called certificates, allow recipients to verify that an e‑mail was actually sent by you. This is useful because it's easy to forge e‑mail return addresses. Also, when traveling across the Internet, standard e‑mail messages are the digital equivalent of postcards—they can be read, or even altered, along the way. Digital IDs can be used with some e‑mail programs to encrypt messages, hiding their content and indicating whether a message has been altered in transit to the recipient.

How do I get a digital ID?

In many businesses, your system administrator will provide you with a digital ID. For personal use, you'll need to get a digital ID from a certification authority (an organization or company that issues digital IDs).


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Tee Chess said...

I am familiar with the idea of digital ID and the purpose because of which they are used. I am little confused with the point that they are similar to digital certificates. Please clear out this point and explain how they are similar to digital certificates.
digital id