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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Windows 10 firewall notification

There doesn't seem to be a way of turning off notifications for Windows Firewall.
The usual place "Change Notification settings" in the Windows Firewall Control panel item takes me to the "Turn Windows Firewall on or off".  Is there somewhere else I should be looking?
1.  Click the Start button, type Security & Maintenance and then click on the Security & Maintenance control panel option.  You can also go directly to the control panel and get there that way.
2. Choose Change Security and Maintenance settings.
3. Uncheck Network Firewall
This should really be in the new Windows 10 notifications like other notifications but it isn't.  Another option is leave the firewall on and delete all the inbound and outbound rules.  Then add 2 accept everything rules for TCP and UDP to inbound and outbound rules.  4 rules total.

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